Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Mockingbird's song

I woke up this morning to a mockingbird's song. He was singing his song cycle - echoing the songs of the other backyard birds. Mockingbirds are tremendous songsters; their repertoire repeats (I think) Carolina wrens, robins, thrashers, cardinals, titmice, doves, etc.

The frost was lovely on the winter annuals and border edges; we're in for a spell of winter after some lovely warm afternoon days that promised spring to come. But for us, here in South Carolina, spring really IS just around the corner. Already, I'm sure, the hepatica are in flower at Station Cove, and along Lake Issaqueena.

The sassafras and blueberry flower buds are swelling, as are the dogwood's, and the foliage of the spring bulbs is already up. The Iphieon has been in flower for some time.

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  1. My pears are about to bloom and so are the dogwoods. I love mockingbirds too. I have been thinking recently about constructing some new bird houses. I know the bluebirds would like some new ones. The mockingbirds prefer to nest out in the open though. Nice post.


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