Saturday, February 2, 2008

Listening to gardeners

Hearing gardeners talk about gardening and gardening is always inspiring, especially on a cold winter morning. We regularly have a series of Saturday morning lectures in February, and I always try to have a mix of programs about garden design, plants, garden ideas, etc., but my favorites are always hearing about personal plant choices and reflections on gardening style.

We become better gardeners, with more satisfying gardens, if we've noticed what we enjoy in other people's gardens and our own. And part of that noticing requires careful observation; is it the texture mix, or the color contrast, or the backdrop, or the meandering path? Why does one color combination work and another doesn't? What suits you best?

Our speakers this morning were both accomplished garden writers, and are used to describing plants and gardens in clear and visually oriented prose. Writers who write to encourage people about gardening also make excellent speakers, I've found, as well as being fun to share ideas with! I'm now ready to think about shrubs in a different way and better reflect on a number of design and color ideas in my own garden. What a nice way to spend a winter morning...

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