Trombocino squash

My trombocino squash plant is spreading everywhere in my front raised bed, swamping the baby butternut vines, the herbs, and the Sweet Million tomato that share that bed.  Yikes, I think, as I’m trying to figure out how to subdue it.

I have to step carefully around it as I harvest the Sweet Millions and look for young developing squash.

Somehow I missed this large squash - hidden in the middle of the bed. (Normally, I like to harvest them much smaller, but fortunately it’s still quite nice.)



I need to get out and prune off the yellowing leaves, but haven’t had the time. 

Thank goodness that this year is a low insect and disease year so far, so the rambunctious garden still looks attractive in front of the house.


This was a week or so ago.  The squash are on the left.  Beans and tomatoes are trying to keep up.

The blessings of a late summer garden.