Revamping Blogger templates

Farewell, my old Blogger template, which I quite liked.  

Perhaps it wasn't mobile friendly, but I liked it and had used it happily since 2007, with modifications to gadgets (posting presentations and info, as it evolved).

So being nudged/forced/encouraged into something new, well it was a bit unsettling.   

I've been resisting the upgrade for some time, as the revert to legacy switch made all of my sidebars disappear.  But finally, this afternoon, I tried to see what might work, among the "new" templates.

Happily, a sister format to my Places of the Spirit blog template found me able to recover my side bars, even though the archive posts require some scrolling.  Whatever.  

I'll keep reviewing the site, but at least it's not the mess that some of the new Blogger templates create.

I've made over 2200 posts so far on this site and accumulated followers along the way (all of whom were disconnected, I think, with the "upgrade.")  Whatever, too.  It looks like it's easy to subscribe in the new format.

Two examples from the past, included in presentations.  Farewell, friend.