Hmm, an "upgraded" theme layout for Blogger

Well, my favorite sidebar gadgets have disappeared in my former layout, but I guess I can figure out how to link the presentations and plant lists (from Google Drive) to my website, I suppose. But hey, I'm doing this now as a volunteer. Really, I'm not happy to try to create new links to my website, etc.

I'd just updated a link to a pollinator presentation that I'm doing on Saturday for our Pollination Celebration, part of National Pollinator Week, here in Asheville.   So many thanks to my garden blogging friend, Janet Davis, for permission to use her wonderful pollinator photo montage in my presentation:

I also need to explore alternative themes and layouts in new Blogger themes;  undoubtedly there are nice ones out there.

An old schoolhouse above our road
As I come to terms with probably not being able to make it to our cottage this summer (maybe fall?), I'm remembering all the special places that are part of our experience there.  Our cottage is a renovated 1920 schoolhouse.  This image is of another one, never renovated, on the 2nd rang about our house in Quebec.