Delighted to see growing vegetables

I planted tomatoes and peppers, along with squash and bean seeds, thinking they'd be a nice bonus for our veggie-gardening prone summer renters.

Well, it looks like I'll be harvesting the tomatoes, beans, and squash myself.  I've already harvested LOTS of basil that I planted for the second set of renters, now looking for another place as we're still here.
Beans, squash, and tomatoes are looking good

I'm basically OK with this. It's a familiar summer warm-season gardening dance, even as the darn collards and kale persist (not to mention the beet greens).

There's nothing to complain about -- when you have fresh young succulent basil growing.  I like to grow it in containers or flats as a cut and come again herb -- keeping the leaves and stems succulent and tasty.