A profusion of greens

One of our neighbors gave us a nice bag of sugar snap peas yesterday.  Yay, I thought.  A break from greens.   My pea seedlings had been foraged by squirrels (and birds), perhaps, so I don't have any of my own.

We've eaten greens for months.  Kale, collards, mustards, and chard.  I'm thankful to have them, but I'm thinking this harvest will go into the chest freezer, to be eaten next fall, perhaps.

my current raised beds, after harvesting greens

Maybe my neighbor would like some collards and kale in return?  The cool season greens, in spite of our current heat keep growing.  And the cabbage white butterflies don't seem to laying enough eggs to do much damage yet.

I harvested a big bag of collards and kale this afternoon, thinking I'll freeze them   We've been eating kale and collards for months now (the purple looks like it's going to bolt.  Well, please do, I think, as I harvest leaves.)

A lot of greens!

Chard and beet greens will be quite fine until we hopefully leave for our northern garden.

The tomatoes, peppers, squash, and beans are coming along nicely.  The basil is sulking, but I have seedling in containers that seem to be flourishing.

I'm grateful for the fresh vegetables and herbs that I'm able to grow in my raised beds, so it's ungrateful to complain about the surplus of greens in these troubled times.