Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Monarch caterpillars on swamp milkweed in Quebec

My gardening companion spotted these monarch caterpillars today and took this photo.  I'd just made a mental note yesterday that the swamp milkweed flowers were about to open.  Totally exciting to see these caterpillars, even if the flowers on this shoot seem to be their primary food source.  Leaves on another shoot were also being eaten.

monarch caterpillars on swamp milkweed
It was a surprise to us;  I'd see monarchs in the Eastern Townships and northern Vermont on a recent excursion, but hadn't see any here.

We're at about the farthest point north that monarchs get, here in Bas St. Laurent, at the base of the Gaspé Peninsula.

Here from Journey North is a distribution map. The arrow indicates where we are.

Monarch range in North America in summer

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