Tuesday, July 23, 2019

I've been doing more posts lately on Places of the Spirit, but this one seems more at home here.

These are peppers that don't appear in our U.S. markets, but I keep seeing them here.  They're called red field peppers, and are grown in Mexico.  They seem to be large red pepper varieties that flourish somewhere in Mexico and are packaged in 4-packs for the markets here.  They're always somewhat unusual shapes; early in summer, they looked more like Italian frying peppers on steroids; now they look like unusual, and oddly shaped, bell peppers.

I chopped up an even more interestingly shaped one this evening.
Red field peppers
This last photograph picked up the bar code on the package, which led to their website, for Frescadel.

I rather appreciate that they're selling peppers that are a bit unusual-looking under the rubric of "field peppers!"

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