Lonicera sempervirens

I never expected to see our native (from the Southeastern U.S) Coral Honeysuckle (Lonicera sempervirens) in flower next to a historic house in the village of Le Bic, even though our cultivar on the arbor has parentage from it.

It's native to the Southeastern U.S., and is generally well-behaved, although I was sorry to see in this Missouri Botanical Garden characterization, that it's escaping outside of cultivation in some places.

It's pretty darn impressive in this nicely pruned specimen in Le Bic; the perfoliate leaves and abundant flowers attest to the careful pruning.

It's hardy to Zone 4, joining its fellow SE denizens, Baptisia australis and Aesculus pavia, in extending their hardiness WAY beyond their natural ranges.

Coral honeysuckle