Wild asparagus

It’s wild asparagus time in Umbria, and we’ve been seeing locals foraging along roads adjacent to olive groves, in thickets, and in shallow ditches. They often wear rubber boots, and carry cloth collecting bags — some even have special tools to clip and catch the spears, after they’ve been spotted in the deep grassy mix.

I’ve been keeping an eye out for shoots (thinking, hey I have a good eye for plants), to no avail, until this morning’s hike, when I finally spotted 2 asparagus shoots in a thicket, after we hiked by an older fellow collecting in the woody thicket above the trail.

I wish I could say that I collected this bunch, but I bought it at our small local market down the hill, undoubtedly collected by a local (there was only one bunch). I paid a very rarified price, but remember the high prices that cultivated asparagus commands at our spring tailgate markets.

Our first tasting, on breakfast omelets, yum!


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