Saturday, April 21, 2018

Poppies are brightening the landscape

Along the path returning from our hike today, near the location of spotting my first wild asparagus plants, the poppies have continued to illuminate the hillsides. I’m assuming they’re poppies that have naturalized for centuries, now here permanently in a climate that suits them, and in the open fields and edges of the unmowed olive orchards. 

But, they’re lovely, nonetheless, and iconic in landscape images, both painted and photographic, in Umbria and Tuscany.


  1. Very pretty, Lisa! I'm glad that you're enjoying your trip. That's an amazing part of the world. :)

  2. We have some double orange poppies given to us by a friend. Not close to blooming, though. I still remember that scene with the poppies blooming in a field from the movie A Room With A View.

  3. These are corn poppies, I think (Papaver rhoeas). They possibly originated in Egypt, in response to flooding, and thrive in disturbed fields and edges. Lovely!

  4. Forget the poppies, I'm just envious of you spending time hiking in Umbria.

    1. It’s defintely a wonderful part of the world!


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