Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Puttering in the garden

I love the sense of adventure and delight that’s part of being in the garden each day. What’s new, what’s flowering, what shall I add or tend?
Away from my own garden, I had a lovely time tidying up here in our HomeExchange garden yesterday- simple weeding of bedstraw and foxtails and discovering what’s been planted.
I’m going to plant the window boxes and containers, too, as thanks for our extra time here. They’ll be here around mid-May for the summer. Perhaps some succulents and drought tolerant perennials!


  1. Hi Lisa! I love seeing your pictures in Umbria. I came to sign up to receive a newsletter to get notices of your blog posts but you don't seem to have one. I have created a Netvibes account to get your posts but I really don't understand how it works? I was hoping you had an email list? Am I missing it? Anyway I will keep tabs on you here. I love your blog. Enjoy Umbria!

  2. Hi, Maitri- you can sign up for the site feed in the sidebar widget just below the blog achives. The FB link just shows the current post, I think, so it may have cut that off.

  3. Thanks Lisa, I signed up via Netvibes. I've never used that before and am not sure how it works but I did sign up. Enjoy Umbria! :)


I enjoy hearing from fellow nature lovers and gardeners. Let me know your thoughts.

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