Spring is coming...

The sassafras buds outside my bathroom window continue to swell:  they're on time, according to past posts.

Many of our native plants are reliable barometers of spring;  others are responding to different cues, and non-native ornamentals -- well, they're all over the map in terms of timing.

Sassafras buds last year -- they're about the same stage right now
We were reminded in our local paper today of a Storm of the Century 25 years ago -- it was truly a storm and blizzard here in the mountains. 

I was down in the Coastal Plain of Georgia, and snowflakes were falling there, most unusually, so I didn't drive up to Clemson that weekend, where my hubbie already was.

Things change, but the seasons do still come, although perhaps with different rhythms.


  1. It was quite invigorating to be down South last weekend and see nature gently awaken from her seasonal rest. Terrific words for right now in the garden.

  2. I know nature will tell us when she’s ready for spring, but I confess to an almost uncontained longing for it RIGHT NOW (for all the good it will do me!)


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