Greens, herbs, pollinator plantings, and other conundrums

It’s a good problem to have, of course, traveling off to distant places, but not good for the gardener.

My raised beds in front have chives, collards, some thyme, French tarragon and a remaining oregano (?) plant, along with garlic and lots of perennial leeks.  I’m planning to add parsley, some rosemary if I can find it, and some more thyme and marjoram before we leave in early April.  Our HomeExchange partners will hopefully find it interesting enough... There's not much point in planting more greens and lettuces, with no definite harvester!

The tulips are coming along fine and the perennials in the pocket meadow are slowly emerging (on schedule).  They'll be coming along by May, with Penstemon digitalis, Phlox carolina, and Zizia the first to flower.

Doing a Gardening for Pollinators program on Thursday (at the NC Arboretum) has me reviewing our plantings and the ebb and flow of them over the years.  Interesting.

I was reminded of last year’s display and added these images to my presentation.

Pocket meadow, July 2017
It was nice to drive in!


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