Heading off for more traveling

This has been an exceptional traveling year, with more traveling to come.

As a gardener, I need to think about gardening opportunities to come, but also have just cleaned up my raised beds here in the mountains of North Carolina, planted a few more herbs and veggies, and we're watering, and hoping for rain.

Our Home Exchange partners will enjoy the beds, I hope, as will we, when we return.  The harvested collards yesterday were delicious.

This summer, we think we'll be shaping a lovely ornamental and fruit garden up in Quebec towards a more wildlife-friendly one, as we enjoy a wonderful historic house near Parc National de Bic and incredible natural landscapes on the Gaspe Peninsula.  We'll see.

Life has a way of providing serendipitous turns that weren't expected.

An old renovated schoolhouse turned into a wonderful place


  1. We were in that area of the Gaspe a couple of years ago. Beautiful! And there are some great hikes in the National Park.

  2. We’ve so enjoyed visiting that area in the past! So we’re looking forward to being there (hopefully) for a couple of months this summer.


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