Monday, July 31, 2017

Milkweeds, monarchs, and Typha (cattails)

A loop around Beaver Lake this evening (in North Asheville) was full of wonderful views, as usual.

But I was particularly glad to see an inflorescence in the expanding common milkweed patch visited by a monarch, painted lady, and several bumblebees.

Common milkweed with monarch. etc.

The young Typha (cattails) along the path towards the Audubon sanctuary were lovely, too.

Cat-tail (Typha latifolia)


  1. That IS good news! It's always wonderful to see re-expanding habitat for monarchs (which means more habitat for other wildlife). And to see monarchs on it--that's even better!

  2. Hurray! Such a welcome sight - and what great timing :)

  3. A very satisfying sight. What a lovely lake to have in your neighborhood.


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