Thursday, July 6, 2017

From mountain town to Stockholm

It's been so interesting to be in a vibrant, metropolitan city for the last week or so.
Our home turf, in Asheville, NC is quite wonderful, we think, but being in the big city of Stockholm for several weeks, has been revealing. Would I want to live here? Well, maybe for the three months of OK weather. Today it was glorious -- high about 70° F and sunny.
A perfect spring or fall day for us. I think they have about 10-15 days of days like this during the summer?
We've been here just over a week and 1/2 now, and have had two great days, like today, along with cloudy, cool days (sometimes downright chilly for me!) for the rest of the time.
The transit system here is amazing -- from the metro equivalent, to communter trains, to buses, they're all interconnected in the Greater Stockholm area, along with ferries to Dursgarden.

Today's return walk brought us by the wooden boat harbor on Langeholmen, where we also saw a glimpse of our mid-50's apartment building. Expansive views of old town Stockholm with the lake in the foreground were expansive!

our building

Coming back today from an excursion to the oldest Swedish town, Sigtuna, esttablished in 790, it was interesting to walk along a path along the edge of the river. The parks and natural areas were filled with picnickers, as were the spots along the lake.
Wonderful to see!

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