Sunday, March 12, 2017

Cuba travel

We've been back for almost a month now, and I've just now batch-labelled my photos (after a lengthy importing process, and consolidating WAY too many duplicates, etc. via Lightroom.

The digital age is lovely, of course, my iPhone photos want to be merged in iCloud, synced across all of my Apple devices, swamping my iPhone's capacity syncing everything on my laptop and iPad, yada, yada.

Anyway, small steps.  I've been tempted to just send links to a fellow traveler's photo galleries -- his photos are excellent -- and send them on to friends and relatives who are waiting to see photos!

Cuba is a destination to be digested, and it's not necessarily an easy one. 

The contrasts between the travel hype around Cuba -- the "locked in time" aspect, the myth around natural Cuba, and the reality of a wonderfully vibrant country, but one that's relatively poor, with constrained availability of fresh foods (and really food of any kind), unless you have tourist income to spend, is something that I keep thinking about.

And, there aren't the organic vegetable gardens/farms everywhere that you'd think, based on the organic vegetable garden stories that I'd read.  I saw a few, but really not many.

So, I'm hoping to post (and link) to edited photo galleries to come.

There are wonderful places to be visited in Cuba, and their historic cities are totally amazing (Havana, Vinales, Trinidad, Cienfuegos, Remedios, and Santa Clara are the ones we visited).

Here's a wonderful image of a cenote near Playa Larga.  My gardening companion took a swim here!

In the national park near Playa Larga

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