Saturday, March 11, 2017

Cold to come

Oddly, we may have up to three (or more) inches of snow overnight.  And then, temperatures in the teens in mid-week for several days (hmm, not good).  This, after a mild winter.

But I'm thinking that most of my overwintering veggies are well-hardy by now, but I draped my spinach and beet bed with remay this afternoon, just in case.  My spinach has been so wonderful this winter, there's no reason NOT to protect it a bit.

This bed will be just fine, I hope, with kale, cabbage, leeks, and parsley.
I'm keeping flats of lettuce, collards, and mustards, as well as a few herbs on my deck - destined for the Southside Community Garden.  I don't really have a better place for them (except inside in mid-week), but they don't need to be out there planted, or in the unheated hoophouse either. Next weekend, hopefully, we'll be able to transplant them all.

It's an interesting time of the year.  Changeable, it's always been in spring in our part of the world.

Whether it's more changeable - hard to say -- but I guess I'd have wished for warm weather at this point!

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