A flirtation with spring warmth

Temperatures here in the mountains were in the upper 70's -- maybe reasonable in the Piedmont of the Carolinas in March, but still way above normal (historically) here.

A wasp bothered Woody on the porch this evening at dinner (he's afraid of flying insects, for some reason).  And a female carpenter bee was checking out our front porch overhand for nesting sites.

Spring is here.

But a cold front is pushing through again this evening, bringing temperatures back down to "normal."

Last year's bed --ready to plant in spring
I just planted a few more greens (collards and lettuce) this afternoon, although my chard and spinach are still hugely productive.  How many greens can we eat before I plant warm season vegetables after all?

A harvest of beet greens and chard was more than enough this evening for dinner, so there'll be plenty to eat tomorrow. Uh, and there are still greens in the freezer from fall.. Yikes!


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