Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Winter greens

Even though my spinach continues to be fabulous, I can't possibly do another post about spinach.

But, the unseasonably warm winter weather has seen nice growth in collards and kale, which are looking great. Chard and beet greens, although a bit affected, still look good and are delicious.

A harvest tonight of mixed greens was tasty!

collard plant in late January --looking good
Amazingly, even with short dips into the teens, kale, collards, leeks, etc. are doing fine.  The key was the dips have been short, I think - no prolonged extreme temperatures.
Rosemary with collards and kale
Rosemary and lavendars are still OK, although my thyme (on the left) looks wan.

red cabbage, kale, parsley, and chard
 I'm going to cover the spinach with remay while we're away, but I think everything else will be just fine.  It's lovely to have a winter vegetable garden for a change.

The last two winters had prolonged cold spells that took everything out -- and I didn't have the remay covers, either.

Signs of spring are starting, too. The Ozark witch hazel in front is in full flower -- lovely -- and post-pruning is a nice small size. Crocuses have popped up in the Mormon church house lawn, and dandelions have already gone to flower.  And the winter annuals are well-along in their growth, too!

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