Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Kale and collards are tough

I haven't looked at the greens under remay, yet, in my raised beds, even though the snow has now almost disappeared (as of today).

But what has impressed me so far is how robust the kale, collards, and cabbage look after the thaw -- this after temperatures in the teens.

Just a quick "distance" look at the Southside Community Garden (prior to going to a meeting), too, revealed perpetual spinach looking great.  And a fellow volunteer reported harvested great spinach underneath the remay.

If we can corral the woodchuck(s) over there, we'll be in business for early winter spinach harvests!

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  1. I'm in northern Virginia. I opened my plastic greenhouses yesterday to find pak choy looking perfect, which was a surprise. I left a test patch of a Chinese mustard uncovered--and it is unfazed. Winter gardening must be the biggest secret in gardening!


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