Monday, January 23, 2017


I'm mindful this evening of traveling, as we're heading off to Cuba, for an independent educational excursion later this week. Home and pet secured, check. Traveling details, check.

It'll be a contrast to the celebration of democracy that I experienced with my friend Meg at the Women's March in Washington last weekend, I'm sure.  I posted on FB some of my thoughts and images from that.  A remarkable experience.  My letters to my Senators will be sent tomorrow.

And a contrast, too, to our conversation with a lovely young women many years ago, on our first trip to South America, who declared herself a citizen of the world.

We're in such a challenging time in our country (the US), and I was going to write interesting, too; that's the hopeful part.

We'll be traveling quite a bit in the coming year.

It's the right time for us in our early-mid 60's.  Is it escape?  Or continuing to connect as Americans of good will and friendship?  I, for one, will continue to be active speaking out, standing up, and keeping our Congress folks aware that I'm out here. I vote, I have a voice, and we ALL matter.

Here's a favorite image of the Hoi An Full Moon festival, a memory that I cherish.

a luminary ready to float down the river

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