Friday, June 10, 2016


A young leek chewed below ground in my front raised bed was the first sign.  The second was a wilting red-veined sorrel in the same bed.  Examined, the roots had been nipped off in a straight line.


Who would have thought that a vole (presumably) would have escaped all of the neighborhood cats to burrow into my raised bed, and eat a leek and (very sour) sorrel roots?

Maybe that's what's happened to my seeds/seedlings in that bed (I've sowed climbing squash and beans, and there's been limited evidence of seedlings, at least so far).

OK, I'm a wildlife-friendly gardener, but voles in my vegetables, and a bear flattening the perennial leeks down below, along with the woodchuck that now seems to be creeping up from the ravine and nipping on the tomatoes!  Not normally a woodchuck favorite.



  1. There's always something in the garden, I guess. But the voles are a new pesty critter for me, at least in the vegetables!


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