Monday, June 6, 2016

Caging tomatoes, harvesting greens and thinking ahead

It's been such a cool spring (again) that the sugar snap peas continue to produce, and the cucumber and bean seeds seem to be sulking (and not germinating).  Some seeds sown (many?) seem to have given up, in cool nutrient-rich soil, with others consumed by some sort of herbivore (slugs?)

Well, there's still plenty of time to sow more seeds (there are some sturdy-looking squash seedlings in the lower bed, just waiting for a woodchuck to appear, I suppose).

And, of course, the young bear that's trap-lining the neighborhood is not interested in vegetables, but is foraging around looking for various things as he's snagging the bird seed in our feeders and those of our neighbors.

I spent some time harvesting yet more beet and turnip greens, as well as kale, and cooked them up this evening.  Hmm, we're certainly getting a healthy dose of greens yet again this spring! 

It certainly doesn't take much room to produce greens for two...

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