More vole (presumably) woes

I transplanted a small eggplant that had been shaded out in my front raised bed, and perhaps out-competed, too, by the vigorous sugar snap peas vines nearby, to a slice of garden that's between us and the apartment next door.

It's a space that's only good for vegetables in summer, as it's shaded in winter and in the shoulder seasons, by our house and the apartment.  But I've grown beans there, productively, and the chard looks good at the moment. 
Eggplant that succumbed to voles (I think)
Now, the bean seedlings have been nipped by an opossum, and other veggies have been marauded by voles, so I shouldn't have been surprised when the eggplant transplant started wilting.

Chewed stem
Its roots had been consumed!  And check out the chew marks on the lower stem...


  1. We have never had moles or voles until this spring. They totally ate up all the crocuses (including Tommies which people say they won't eat). They made a hard hit on my irises that I got from my mom who is now deceased. They are terrible creatures.

  2. They seem to be moving on to the sedum bed now. Not good. Sorry for your losses!


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