Leeks in December

Who knew that I'd be out harvesting young leeks and dividing up my perennial leek patch in December?

a December leek harvest
But they're flourishing in this unseasonably warm weather, and I'm finally feeling well enough (after a nasty cold-like virus) to actually enjoy it.

Lovely to be in the garden this afternoon, continuing to tidy cool season greens here and there, too. 

I transplanted (!) some red romaine lettuce seedlings that had been hanging on in flats (looking scrimped) -- hmm, who knows.

I sowed the final spinach seeds from one of this year's packets -- ridiculous, but you never know. 

One of my good gardening friends (always experimental) and one who doesn't follow the "rules" has lovely Swiss chard, spinach seedlings, hardy-looking onion relatives of all sorts, as well as young cilantro plants everywhere.  Maybe the La Nina or is it the El Nino effect that's bringing us this continuing warm weather in the Eastern U.S. will keep things warm for a bit more.  It's certainly predicted through the week ahead.

A woodchuck that crept out from the ravine ate my cilantro plants while we were traveling in October, so I have no homegrown cilantro at this point (I had to send out my gardening companion for cilantro for our dinner this evening.  Aggravating, as it would have been flourishing now!)