Fun with ceramics

My usual themes of trees and green emerged on a recent excursion with a new friend, met through a watercolor workshop.  With lots in common, we were both interested in checking out a local paint-your-own-ceramic item sort of place (we'd both walked by it for some time without ever checking it out).

So heartened by mutual interest, we set off, and had an excellent afternoon experimenting with fluid ceramic glazes on our bowls, and wondering how they'd come out, while talking about all sorts of things.

Here was my bowl, unfired.

unfired bowl
And then what it looked like, after firing, at least propping it up for a rudimentary photo.

after firing
Some of the green was darker than I thought it would be (more "kelly green" than a natural green), but the bowl is quite nice, really, and the glaze covered it completely (I wasn't sure about that).


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