Monday, October 12, 2015

Time on Beara Peninsula

View from B&B window
to the left
Coulagh Bay view through window
I'm currently spending some time on the Beara Peninsula, as part of a writing retreat, although it's a lot more than that. Its threads include creative work of all kinds, the power of stories and myth, and exploring how we experience (and create) a sense of connection and place to the land we inhabit, at whatever point in our lives.

The setting is perfectly suited to the purpose, with expansive views - sea and sky - and the greens, rusts, and blues of the Irish coast. Absent a better camera for this time, the venerable iPad that I have is simply reminding me that sometimes, it's just better to soak in the experience, rather than try to capture it.

On yesterday's walk, this view stood out -- the track was unfolding in front of me towards the sea.


Please share your thoughts. I enjoy hearing from fellow nature observers, as well as whomever else drops by.

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