Sunday, October 4, 2015

Dingle Peninsula

This is an extraordinarily beautiful place in Ireland.

Here are just a few images from the last two days, thanks to lovely weather.  It'll be showery for the next week, so I'm grateful for the fine weather that we've been having.

Click through to see them larger -- they're large images, so may be slow to load


  1. Lisa, I'm so glad you were able to see Dingle in good weather. We spent a few days there a long time ago but it looks just the same. :-) can't wait to see where else you go. We've been to Ireland several times but it's been a while. I think we need to go back.

  2. This has been a magical trip (and we're just half way). The landscapes along the southwestern coasts are truly amazing. And, we're lucky to be having such best weather, too!


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