Nocturnal symphony and fireflies!

At home in the Southeast after a wonderful trip to Oregon, visiting fabulous gardens during the Garden Bloggers Fling, and having a week prior to explore some of the mountains and the coast -- what's striking me this evening (as I've started looking through my MANY photos of gardens and natural areas) are the night sounds this evening -- out the open windows.

It was quite warm here today, but we're off again in a couple of days, so turning on the mini-split doesn't seem necessary, especially as it's cooling down again tomorrow.

The nocturnal symphony is in full swing.

Field crickets, tree frogs, and cicadas are producing a wonderful "welcome home" night song -- which isn't part of the experience of western states.

The flashes of fireflies are part of the the gallery forest view, too.  Magic.

I've brought back with me so many visual memories of remarkable gardens, big and small, packed with special plants from all over the world.  I love the amazing artistic flair and aesthetic qualities in these gardens.

But I'm really glad to be home, too, in the Southern Appalachians, with the tree frog and cricket seranade.


  1. And we're glad to have you back! The trip sounds like it was fabulous. Have fun at the NPC!

  2. Great to meet you at the Fling! I know there is a lot that can be said for our Portland gardening climate, but one thing it doesn't have is fireflies.I do miss them from my years in Ohio! That is a very special kind of magic that we have to do without over here. :(

  3. It was wonderful to be in Oregon, and the Fling was great, sharing time with friends, new and old! But definitely, the fireflies, field crickets, etc. are something to appreciate here in the SE.


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