Back in the Piedmont

A quick trip back home to the Piedmont found an overgrown garden (which I expected).  Even though it's been a bit dry, there are weeds in all of my vegetable beds.  There's an ancient dogwood that's finally giving it up, but it's not entirely unexpected.

I harvested some (very small) fingerling potatoes, which I'll be eating for dinner this evening, and there will be more to come, as I clean up the beds in a couple of weeks, I suppose.  There wasn't quite enough rain to encourage any real growth of new "spring" or "summer" potatoes, apparently.

My SCBG colleagues (where I used to work, and now volunteer) and I recorded some nice material around a SC Botanical Garden visit this afternoon.

Great fun to "see" the Garden after some time away, and looking forward to fielding radio calls tomorrow on YourDay, a Clemson University production that airs statewide on ETV radio.