Contemplating fall

It's just the end of July, and I'm harvesting lots of tomatoes, and hoping for a few squash and more eggplants, but I'm thinking about fall, too.  The woodchuck has made inroads on the bean vines, so maybe I'll still get a few (from admittedly very late planted vines), before the end of warm weather, late here in the Carolinas.

I'm picking out a variety of arugula seeds to plant - from Rustica to MyWay to the wild type, as well as all of the other fall greens, too.  Some delicious arugula on the catered sandwiches during the Garden Bloggers Fling had me searching for that specific sort!  I think it was MyWay.

I don't really have space in the mountains to allocate to broccoli, brussel sprouts, or cauliflower (and the woodchuck would yum up all of the seedlings immediately!)
fall mustards coming along
But greens are good, and healthy, and I'll look forward to having them again, after a bit of a respite (weather vagaries in the winter meant their supply was way down last spring).

I liked revisiting previous blog posts for "greens."