The last gasp of winter?

We have a chilly week ahead in the Piedmont (of South Carolina).  On Tuesday, the low is predicted to be 28°F --variable depending on the weather site consulted.

Traditionally, our last frost date here is April 15th, so we shouldn't be surprised.

But, it's been so darn wintry this year, I've been celebrating signs of spring big-time, from the daffodils, snowdrops, leucojum, forsythia, flowering cherry, and quince in flower (all Asian or Mediterranean early flowering species), along with our natives - redbuds and sassafras (and bloodroot, trillium, trout lily, hepatica, rue anemone, etc.)

The buds of flowering dogwood are expanding rapidly, and the rabbit-eye blueberry flowers are almost fully open, too.

Spring is here on the calendar, and is definitely "around the corner,"


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