Thursday, March 13, 2014

Supporting pollinators

With the increase in use of neonicotinoid pesticides in "routine" propagation of garden perennials, there's definitely been a recognition that it CAN be an issue in some plants producing nectar, pollen, and/or leaf tissue harmful to pollinators. 

The Xerces Society has brought this forward -- how comprehensive a problem it might be remains to be seen.

The bottom line is that neonicotinoids have been banned in Europe and really DON'T need to be used routinely in production of garden perennials.

Thanks, Gail, for pointing me on your facebook feed to this nice piece from Prairie Moon Nursery.


  1. You're very welcome! I wish more nurseries were following their lead.

  2. Hi Lisa,
    I've enjoyed your blog and have it on my favorites. Thanks for highlighting the problem with neonicotinoids and their effect on bees -- I have an entry about this called "Bee Aware" on my blog about life in SC, with suggestions for gardeners wanting to support health habitats for pollinators, if you want to take a look.


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