Saturday, March 22, 2014

Bloodroot is in flower!

It's such a joy to see the bright white flowers of bloodroot after a long winter.  It's one of our early spring flowering natives, along with hepatica and trout lily.

It's done well in our emerging woodland garden, too.
clumps of bloodroot along the front path
After slowly amending the soil with mulch and leaves, our patch in front of the house is doing well, with companions of Christmas fern, green-and-gold, and pussytoes.

Happily, the large plant (transplanted from a shadier site in back) has been a prolific seed producer, and ants have "planted" new clumps around.  Even the small seedlings (with the abundant rain over the last year) have flourished.
parent with offspring
We now have over 9+ plants in front, including the biggest bloodroot we've ever seen -- testament to how natives in a more benign (garden)
environment can really flourish.
the original parent (transplanted from a shadier spot in the garden)

Bloodroot has been a favorite spring wildflower.

Here are some previous musings over the past 5+ seasons.

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  1. Amazingly, there's another clump, definitely from ant-dispersal, down near the tulip poplar in front. How exciting!


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