Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Wave Garden (East Bay, CA)

Towards Pt. Richmond, a neighborhood of houses with bay views, but also close to the nearby refineries, harbored a spectacular garden. 
entrance gate
 The Wave Garden was developed as a private garden, but is open as public space to visitors -- the best sort of shared space.

Strongly envisioned hardscape is softened by drifts of vegetation, with dramatic contrasts in textures and colors.


  1. Spectacular! I missed so many great gardens as well as seeing friends. xo

  2. I'm really enjoying seeing the posts about this garden. I was there, but I was so hot and fried I didn't enjoy it much. I love that last photo, the chartreuse and the purple with the teal-colored whale's tale sculpture.

  3. Great pictures, especially the long view of the path in the second to last photo. Very apt one sentence summary of this garden.


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