Thursday, July 4, 2013

Rain, rain, and more rain

Here in Western North Carolina, it just keeps raining. 

We're already above the average for the year (and we're only halfway through!) It's raining heavily now (again) and we're well over 3 inches today already.

rain from deck

Here's a view out the back from the deck into the ravine forest from earlier today.  Monsoon time!

P.S. Garden Bloggers Fling photos are downloaded -- now it's time to sort them out!


  1. Hi Lisa, I was glad to see you at the Fling and will await your photos. Too bad on all the rain, we could sure use some. But I guess, be careful what I wish for!

  2. We also have had more rain that usual. 13 inches in June alone. That slowed the garden down, but after 5 days of sun and heat the jungle effect is beginning to kick in. All the lettuce is bolting! Potted plants look lots better. Sorry I couldn't meet you all at the Fling this year. It was the same day as our Annual Rose Viewing.

  3. Fine English summer - this week....


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