Succulents and containers

It makes sense that succulents, agave, and cacti are popular in SF/East Bay gardens (and throughout Mediterranean climate zones, too!)  They sail through the dry summer months looking great, and most overwinter, too, in the mild temperatures along the coast.  (In contrast, my sedum bed in the mountains of NC is looking downright wan after months of unusually cool and wet weather).

The star of dry-land gardens was Ruth Bancroft Garden, with its amazing assortment of species agaves, yuccas, etc. More about that garden later.

But here are a couple of charming container plantings (most including succulents), selected in a first photo pass.  It's always fun to note combinations that are unusual (and impractical) for an Eastern gardener.

entrance kiosk at SF Botanical Garden

container in Oakland artist's garden (Ann Nichol)

pocket planting demonstration at Sunset Magazine gardens
Filoli nursery assortment of succulents
Bicycle plantings


  1. So many wonderful posts from the Fling this year. Your look at container gardens provides a nice focus.


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