Friday, October 7, 2011

'Pocket' meadows

I'm hosting a garden club gathering tomorrow and will be talking about pocket meadows.

'pocket' meadow view
I love the idea.

A perennial border without the fuss! 

Three seasons of interest are part of the fun, and this one has, so far, been great.

A bit of necessary moving has occurred, as some plants became much bigger than expected, but that's normal.

What I appreciate is how nice it is to look at through the front door, and (from the other side) pulling into the driveway.

And probably more important is that it requires (so far) minimal maintenance (outside of editing back after the first hard frost).
'pocket meadow' close to sunset
My larger meadow, at home in the Piedmont, requires much more editing (eg. more work) that it doesn't always get.  It's been nagging at me to get going, actually, but a large garden always has elements to attend to!


  1. hi lisa, i'm just running across this post and i wonder if you've since posted about how you planted the pocket meadow?

  2. Hi, Daricia-
    This small meadow was done with transplants (by far the best method for small meadows). I don't think I specifically did a post about how I created this, but I did describe various stages in other posts about meadows (

    I'm putting together a presentation in July about native pocket meadows, so look for more details in the future!

    1. thanks...will put you in my reader...i thought i had, but i'm missing a lot of posts.


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