Monday, October 24, 2011

fall peas, monarchs, and a last hummingbird

sugar snap peas
My sugar snap peas are in flower now, and I'm hoping for at least a small harvest.  I was heartened to read that peas are hardy down to 20°F -- woo-hoo!

Even though we've flirted with frost in the mountains and the piedmont over the last weekend, I didn't see anything affected, even the eggplants in pots.  The tomatillos had already succumbed to drought and lack of sunlight in the main vegetable garden, so they weren't much of a barometer.

And remarkably, we're still seeing monarchs flying southward, and (probably) a final hummingbird today (sighted in the butterfly garden where I work).

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  1. I'm finally starting to see monarchs but the last week or so I've seen fewer and fewer hummingbirds. It's a time of change.


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