Sunday, October 16, 2011

BBC Gardening Illustrated podcasts

I'm a fan of BBC Gardening Illustrated's magazine, and their annual Vista series podcasts (and others in between) are fabulous, too.

The most recent featured a group of well-known garden designers/plants people talking about garden design, naturalistic gardening (as it's practiced in Europe - way ahead of what we're doing in North America), and the tension between adding plants as part of a design, knowing about their ecology and background, while faced with extreme weather fluctuations. 

Great Britain has experienced unusually cold winters the last few years, with exceptional drought during summer. (Sounds familiar to me!)

The last podcast was a thought-provoking discussion (listened to as I pulled the last of the still-green tomato vines out of the lower beds in the mountains.)  It's time for winter-hardy greens, and I moved around some collards, broccoli, and arugula, and wished I'd already sown some other greens, but the seeds are back down in the Piedmont.

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