Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tomatoes (and harvest)

tomato harvest
I've got a backlog of things to reflect upon (with lots of photos, too), but my attention, after spending time cleaning up the raised beds and harvesting, and more harvesting, is struck by tomatoes, today.

It's been beans over the last week - yikes, as a local eater, I'm getting just a wee bit tired of green beans, both the young and tender sort, but particularly of the beany sort that's gotten too big to be really tasty.

But the tomato harvest has been amazing so far.  Chalk one up for exceptionally warm and sunny weather in the mountains of western North Carolina, however out-of-the ordinary that it is. 

One of my Cherokee Purple tomato plants keeps producing.  More and bigger.

Cherokee Purple tomatoes
Check these out.

(That's a teaspoon for scale).

These are from vines that look like they're in decline.

(I'd be too, after all the tomatoes that this plant has already produced.)


  1. Lisa,

    We also harvested Cherokee Purples that big easily over a pound each. I never tire of steamed green beans. Great harvest!

  2. Great mater harvest! We have been getting produce from Upstate Locally Grown....Cherokee Purples are some of our favorites as well as German Johnson Pinks. yummm

  3. Your cherokee purples look amazing!! I've been wanting to try those for some time.


  4. They look so delicious~she says with a wee bit of envy! xogail

  5. This year we havent been able to grow our own tomatoes. How I miss them! Rob


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