Thursday, August 25, 2011

meadow gardens

front meadow
diverse plantings
 I'm thinking about butterfly gardening and just enjoyed watching a tiger swallowtail visit flowers on Vernonia (Ironweed).

Our small front meadow in the mountains is full of nectar plants, and we have lots of host plants for caterpillars nearby, in the forest ravine and planted as shrubs.
front door view


  1. Any tricks to minimizing the unwanted plant and grass in the mulched paths - other than pulling them out when you see them?

  2. Any tricks you might suggest to limit unwanted plants and grass from growing in your mulch paths - other than pulling them out when you spot them. Thanks.

  3. I love your little house. And the meadow. I did a story about a meadow garden in the Berkshires, for Yankee, and even got paid, but I don't know if they ever sent out a photographer. I have to wait until next year.


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