Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Disappearing chard

Watering, again, this evening, I noticed that the chard leaves that were looking good last night are gone. 

Hmm.  I guess the thirsty woodchuck snuck up and had a few bits of water-filled leafy greens.  Hard to blame him/her.  (Woody's currently inside during the day, so he's not much up a deterrent).  I can't imagine that a squirrel would be interested in chard, and they can get water from the bird bath and water dishes on the other side of the house.

What was curious is that pea seedlings, seedling of kale and mesclun mix, etc. were passed over (on the way) in favor of the chard.  And clearly the foliage of a fall eight-ball zucchini wasn't of interest, either.

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