Saturday, June 4, 2011

Raised beds

The raised beds in front (of our house in the mountains) are looking good.

The last sugar snap peas are giving way to tomatoes and pole beans (greasy cut beans - an Southern Appalachian heirloom bean and yard-long beans - the Asian version (twining) of our southern cowpea -- but much better in my opinion.

I harvested bunches of beets, carrots, and onions from the raised beds this afternoon -- they'll be tasty roasted for tomorrow's dinner.  (And I'm thinking I need to head down to our Piedmont vegetable garden to harvest the rest of the garlic, maybe most of the onions, and check the potatoes.)

A new red potato popped up when I was checking some "leftover" plants that I'd stuck in a corner here in the mountains. What fun!


  1. Those raised beds are nice enough to put in the front yard. :)
    I like that something other than timbers were used. Nice job that gives me ideas.

  2. Ray,
    We really like the way the stones look in our raised beds.

    It wasn't inexpensive, but the stones last forever (!) and are versatile, too. And, as you say, they look nice in the front yard!

    We had to 'take down' one bed below the house to make room for some work that we're doing on the porch, and it was easy to stockpile the stones nearby, while moving the compost into an adjoining bed.



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