Saturday, June 11, 2011

More sedums

Sedums HAVE become much more popular, but I'm still amazed that they're not used more.  Our front door sedum bed (in the mountains) is wonderful, full of colors and textures, and changing with the seasons.

Here's what it's looking like currently.

sedums in early June


  1. I like Sedums but think they would be better in a container (like hypertufa) than in our clay.....maybe in a number of years when I can amend this soil for better drainage.

  2. Janet, you're right that Sedums like better-drained soil than straight clay subsoil! I use Sedums in containers, extensively too.

    This bed was amended with plenty of organic matter (finely ground pine bark and sand) before planting.

    But, that said, they're much more versatile and adaptable than one would think in 'normal' garden areas.


  3. I've got Virginia clay, but my Sedums do okay--I add plenty of compost before planting. I have a bed of crowded Liriope that I cannot wait to dig up and replace with Sedum--I adore those colors!


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