Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Interesting hoop houses

Chade and Tuscan kale with tomatoes beyond

On a garden tour last weekend, I saw both small-scale and commercial scale hoop-houses being used. 

They were similar in being used in summer and had sides rolled up to provide airflow.
preparation for winter greens (erzly spring)

The "homeowners" hoop-house was a shared one;  the gardeners who established it on a nearby (to them) lot estimated that it could feed 6 families (with vegetables) over the course of a year.

I was totally impressed.

Neighborhood hoop house
This hoop-house had tomatoes and eggplant that were huge (in comparison to my open-grown ones), surrounded by healthy-looking blocks of Tuscan kale and redbor kale (hmm, now, in late June...)

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