Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Swiss chard

The Swiss chard is doing great -- I harvested another large bunch this evening along with a good-sized handful of arugula.

The front raised beds are looking good, too; I've packed them with vegetables and herbs, so will need to be attentive to extra nutrient additions, in spite of their excellent soil (aka compost).

The various beans are growing well, and I'm going to plant some Asian winged beans (soaking now) on another trellis (hmm, I need to find room for it) tomorrow.

Amazingly, a flat of spinach seedlings is looking quite nice. I'll have to find a shady place to put it, since some hot weather is on the way.


  1. Lisa, The raised beds are gorgeous and I love the mulch surrounding them~What's your fav chard recipe? gail

  2. Your gardens all look like they're doing very well -- I planted some Rainbow Chard in a container and it's about an inch high, having just sprouted last weekend. :) I still adore the view of your property as shown in your header photo -- I think it's the two chairs that do it for me. (Nancy @ Leaping Greenly)

  3. Gail, we're enjoying how pretty the raised beds are! Much better than how it looked as a driveway... My favorite chard recipe is simply stir-fried with garlic and onions, and maybe some mushrooms.

    Nancy, I imagine your chard will grow fast in your longer days - you'll have baby leaves for salads soon. And, thanks for the nice comment about the header - I love that view (the side view from my study) and miss it a bit this summer!



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